Recipe Review: Grilled Flatiron Steaks with Tomatoes and Tapenade

This recipe is from Bon Appetit June 2012 and Chef Jeff Cerciello’s Farmshop restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.  Flank, hangar, or skirt steak is marinated in a spicy citrus wet rub and then cooked on the grill (or grill pan if preparing indoors).  The steak definitely needs to be seasoned well with salt to enhance the flavors of the marinade.  An important step in preparing any steak is to let the meat rest after grilling, which allows the meat to cool enough such that the juices in the steak distribute evenly within the meat instead of spilling all over the plate (see a detailed explanation from The Food Lab).  A key component of this dish is the olive and caper tapenade, which contrasts nicely with the steak and the tomato salad.  The steak is paired with watercress and a fresh tomato salad, best made with heirloom tomatoes instead of supermarket beefsteak tomatoes.  There was a recent article in the New York Times about how engineering the perfect-colored supermarket tomato has had the unintended consequence of sapping the tomato of flavor since the critical gene mutation is important for both color and flavor.  No wonder those beautiful supermarket tomatoes taste so bland!  Overall, the dish turned out pretty well, and it’s a pretty easy summer dinner.  Note: Leftover marinade works well with chicken.

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