Recipe Review: Fall Fruit Crumble

The Fall Fruit Crumble is one of my go-to recipes because of its versatility, ease, and deliciousness.  In the Fall version,  there are apples, pears, and cranberries, topped with a simple crumble of oats, flour, sugar, and butter.  The recipe can be easily modified to use fruit that is in season – a summer version might include nectarines and blueberries.  The recipe was first published in Gourmet magazine, and an on-line version is on  The recipe is highly rated and many people have suggested modifications to the recipe.  I did enjoy a modification of adding an additional 1/4 – 1/2 cup of oats to the crumble.  I also bake the crumble for approximately forty minutes as opposed to the twenty minutes in the recipe.  A great, handy recipe for your repertoire.

Link to recipe here.

Recipe Review: Porterhouse Steak with Pan-Seared Cherry Tomatoes

An easy, flavorful, end of summer recipe for Labor Day: Porterhouse Steak with Pan-Seared Cherry Tomatoes from July 2008 Gourmet magazine.  A surprising combination of tomatoes and steak works extremely well along with fresh thyme and basil.  Try to get a variety of cherry tomatoes from the farmer’s market.  The steak is seared on a grill pan and finished in the oven.  The tomatoes and herbs are quickly cooked in the pan, and the tomato juices make a rich, bright pan sauce.

Recipe Review: Summer Salmon Cakes with Zucchini Fennel Slaw

Summer squash is in season now, and this recipe makes great use.  Zucchini is used two ways, in a lemony slaw with fennel and also in the light salmon cakes.  I double the recipe to make two-three servings.  Healthy and easy to do on a weeknight.

Link to recipe here.

Recipe review: Melon with Basil-Lime Granita

Melon with Basil-Lime Granita is a perfect summer dessert, light and refreshing.  Blend a simple sugar syrup, basil, lime juice, and freeze, scraping every 30 minutes to get a slushy ice texture for the granita.  Then serve it on top of canteloupe and honeydew macerated in a little bit of sugar.  To go over the top, serve with a delicious, not-too-sweet cornmeal cookie.  A definite hit dessert.  Recipes from the dearly departed Gourmet magazine.

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