Milk Bar Bake the Book Class

Milk Bar offers weekend classes at their Williamsburg, Brooklyn shop and I had the opportunity to go last year.  I have made some of their cakes at home, but it was a real treat to make them at Milk Bar.  Actually, it is more like assemble, because they pre-bake the cake and the crumbles and pre-made the frosting.  It was still fun, because the instructors were great, very helpful, friendly, and full of Milk Bar trivia.  After assembling the cake, we also made cake truffles.  Finally, after the class our instructor took a few super-fans on a tour of the Milk Bar bakery.  So fun!  Classes are $95 as of 2016, and you get a cake and truffles to take home.

Link to Milk Bar class schedule here.

Link to Milk Bar cookbook here.

NYTimes recipe review: Brown Butter Nectarine Cobbler/Cake

This recipe from The New York Times  makes a delicious hybrid fruit cobbler/cake.  The batter gives it more structure than a traditional cobbler, but there is a juicy fruit layer and crunchy topping like a cobbler.  What puts this recipe over the top is the browned butter that creates an amazing crispy/chewy crust.  Nutmeg makes the cake fragrant and adds another layer of flavor.  In my hands it takes a little longer to bake than suggested.  The juice from the nectarines makes the surrounding cake a little difficult to set.  Impress all your friends and family with this easy dish.

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