Recipe Review: Momofuku Bagel Bombs

Momofuku Milk Bar Bagel Bombs are based on the book’s “Mother Dough” recipe, which is simply flour, salt, active dry yeast, and water, kneaded in a stand mixer and proofed for 45 minutes.  The first time I tried to make a 1/2 recipe, because that was all that was required for the Bagel Bombs, but the dough ended up being too wet.  I remade the dough using the full recipe and it came out appropriately.

The Bagel Bombs contain a surprise inside, a plug of cream cheese, bacon, and scallions.  These are frozen and then wrapped in the dough.  An egg wash is applied, followed with a sprinkling of Everything Mix (garlic powder, onion powder, dried onions, salt, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds).  Then into the oven, although at the recommended temp of 325 mine didn’t brown.  For my second batch I used 350; your oven temp/time may vary.  As you can see, some of the cream cheese explodes out of the bagel, but Christina Tosi says that is to be expected.

Fresh out of the oven, these Bagel Bombs are delicious.  The Everything Mix on top is nicely balanced, the dough is reminiscent of a bagel, and how could you go wrong with a warm, gooey center of bacon-scallion cream cheese?

Link to recipe here.

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