Restaurant Review: Cochon Butcher (New Orleans, LA)

Cochon Butcher is a self-titled “swine” bar that serves sandwiches and small plates featuring their house-made charcuterie.  This place was truly outstanding and my favorite in New Orleans.  I went there four days in a row for lunch, since it is located only two blocks away from the Ernest Morial Convention Center, but I would seek it out as a destination even if not attending a convention.  Every sandwich I tried was delicious.  I loved that everything was house-made, including pickles and potato chips.  The muffaletta featured a selection of tasty charcuterie, melted cheese, and olive salad on a toasted bun.  Le Pig Mac – two all pork patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, on a sesame seed bun, featuring their pork sausage.  The Buckboard Bacon Melt – a ton of house-made bacon.  The Cubano – the Cochon take on the classic.  Pastrami Duck Sliders, a grilled cheese sandwich with brioche toast and duck pastrami.  They also serve small plates, including an incredible pancetta mac and cheese, a boudin blanc sausage, a pork sausage stuffed with rice and served with mustard and pickles, and marinated Brussels sprouts.  There are rotating sides, including cole slaw and cucumber salad.  They also make a lot of sweet treats, including slightly underbaked cookies (I liked their white chocolate macademia nut and PB & J cookies) and a bacon praline, their version of the ubiquitous New Orleans candy.  They also serve beer and wine and sell their house-cured meats, hot sauce, pickles, and t-shirts to take home.  Butcher gets packed during lunchtime, especially when there is a convention, but the line moves pretty quickly.  There is a small seating area inside as well as outside.  Butcher is actually an off-shoot of the full-service restaurant Cochon a couple of doors down, which I didn’t try but would expect to be delicious as well.  Highly, highly recommended.

Cochon Butcher – link to website here.

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