Restaurant Review: Nine Yun Teppanyaki (Taipei, Taiwan)

Japanese-style teppanyaki houses are very popular in Taiwan.  At these restaurants guests are seated around a metal cooking surface on which the chef expertly cooks meat, vegetables, and seafood that is then served immediately.  The chef uses only two metal spatulas to do all the cooking and often incorporates quite a bit of showmanship.  Nine Yun is an upscale teppanyaki steak house in Taipei.  They have various multi-course set menus.  There were different options for soup, including one with shellfish and cuttlefish in a perfectly clear, flavorful seafood broth.  We had an incredible Japanese king crab that was sweet and succulent.  Alaskan cod was moist and delicate.  The thin slices of beef shortrib only required a minute or so of cooking and were incredibly tender.  The ribeye was the best, very flavorful.  There was a deliciously rich rice congee made with crab broth from the Japanese king crab.  Dessert and tea were served on a rooftop garden.  Nine Yun is more expensive than the typical department store food court teppanyaki places in Taipei, but is very high quality and definitely worthwhile.

Link to Nine Yun website here.

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