Cosmo Bakery and Maison Kayser (Taipei, Taiwan)

The Western-style breads in Taiwanese bakeries are very different from what we are used to in the US or Europe.  The Taiwanese breads are pillowy soft and sweeter (and they stay fresh for a longer time).  Cosmo bakery is located on the corner of Mingshen E. Rd and Kuangfu N. Rd. They bake breads on site throughout the day with unique flavor combinations.  I particularly liked a chocolate bread with sweet cheese filling.  Cosmo has a generous sample policy, where guests can try each of their breads.  The store on Mingshen E. Rd is currently their only location, but I have a feeling that more Cosmo bakeries will be coming soon (Bay Area please!).  Like most food items in Taiwan, the breads are very reasonably priced.

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a branch of Eric Kayser’s Parisian bakery Maison Kayser in the food court of the luxury Breeze Center mall in the Shongshan District of Taipei.  They had crusty French bread and pastries, similar to the ones available in Paris.  I had a delicious Tarte Citron and Millefeuille.

Link to Breeze Center Maison Kayser here.

Link to Cosmo Bakery here.

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