Recipe Review: Momofuku Chocolate Malt Layer Cake

This is my third Momofuku Milk Bar layer cake (the others being Carrot Layer Cake and Chocolate Chip Layer Cake), and this one was a little complicated.  There were sub-sub-recipes that had to be made before sub-recipes.  Some Charred Marshmallows caught on fire underneath the broiler, setting off the smoke detector.  However, the payoff is a moist, intensely chocolate cake with a hint of malt flavor, layered with gooey marshmallows, crunchy malted milk crumbs, and malted chocolate fudge sauce.  As a bonus, two of the components (Fudge Sauce and Chocolate Cake scraps) are then ready to make the Momofuku Red Velvet Ice Cream, plus you have a 1/4 recipe of Fudge Sauce left over to serve over ice cream or with Brownie Pie.

The Malted Milk Crumb recipe as written in the cookbook is a bit confusing.  It says to take Milk Crumbs and toss them with ovaltine malt powder and white chocolate.  However, the Milk Crumb recipe also has a step at the end where the baked milk crumbs are tossed with milk powder and white chocolate.  I think what the Malted Milk Crumb recipe should have said was to make the milk crumb through step 4, then toss with the ovaltine malt powder and white chocolate.  Indeed, this is how it was written when this recipe was published in Bon Appetit.  This recipe is scalable, and I only made a half recipe, because that is all that is necessary for the Chocolate Malt Cake.  However, the Malted Milk Crumb is brilliant, good enough to snack on its own, and I regret not making the full recipe!

For the Charred Marshmallows, the book recommends using a kitchen blowtorch.  I used the broiler, and like I mentioned before had a sheet pan of marshmallows engulfed in flames in only a couple of minutes.  During the re-do, I paid more attention to the marshmallows.  I definitely should have separated the marshmallows more on the sheet pan before charring, because they melted and stuck together, making it difficult to layer them on the cake.

The Red Velvet Ice Cream was the only disappointment so far for me from the book.  It just tasted a little off for me.

Link to recipe here.

Link to Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook here.

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