Roadmap to Momofuku Carrot Layer Cake (with cookies along the way!)

Okay, this might be a little crazy.  Making the Momofuku Carrot Layer Cake has been an epic journey that has taken four weeks.  It started with Milk Crumbs, which I used to make the Blueberries and Cream Cookies.  I only used half of the Crumbs and so I needed to use them in something else.  I also wanted to make the Compost Cookies, which required 1/4 recipe of the Graham Crust.  Having both Milk Crumbs and Graham Crust, I thought, I’ve come this far, I can make the Carrot Layer Cake. This would then require Carrot Cake + Liquid Cheesecake + Graham Frosting + obtain acetate strips from TAP Plastics and a 6″ cake ring from Sur la Table. I have baked cakes before, but nothing like this. To date, the only recipes that have topped this in terms of effort and time are the Momofuku Ramen Noodles and the Tartine Croissants.

Onward. I started with the carrot cake, using organic carrots from the farmer’s market. The carrot cake wasn’t overly complicated, and actually none of the components are technically difficult, but they do require a blender and stand mixer. A kitchen scale is helpful but not absolutely required.

The most rewarding part was the assembly. I love it when a plan comes together. The carrot cake, topped with liquid cheesecake, sprinkled with milk crumbs, then topped with graham frosting. Set in the freezer overnight, and thaw in the refrigerator the next day for Thanksgiving dinner.

Some tips I learned along the way:

1. The book calls for a 10″ x 13″ pan, which I couldn’t find at Sur la Table or Target. A standard sized 9″ x 13″ pan was a little small for stamping out two 6″ cake layers. This can be corrected by using some cake trimmings.

2. When making the liquid cheesecake, regular grocery store plastic wrap will melt when baked at 300 F.  Next time I would try using parchment paper or foil or maybe nothing at all.

3. If you prepare the graham frosting ahead of time and refrigerate it, wait for it to return to room temperature before spreading it on the cake.

The verdict?  The carrot cake is really moist and flavorful.  Liquid cheesecake is delicious.  The milk crumb provides pops of flavor and texture.  Graham frosting is buttery and creamy and delicious.

Was it worth it? Totally.

14 thoughts on “Roadmap to Momofuku Carrot Layer Cake (with cookies along the way!)

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  2. Wow how fantastic!!!! Lovely, informative post. Congrats— your result is everything I hope mine will be too when I give this recipe a try– I am so impressed!!!

    Tosi = dessert gawdess, non?? 🙂

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  4. Thanks, this is VERY informative (and I love the flow chart!). I was wondering about the “quarter sheet pan” she insists on, it’s not a normal size for the home cook and she doesn’t elaborate much. Some sources say a quarter sheet pan is 9X13 and I wondered why not use the brownie pan most avid home bakers have already??? Now I know that won’t quite work for cutting out the circles. I don’t care about the presentation too much so I will probably just bake in the 9×13, cut in half then slice each half into two layers to make a rectangle cake. Making this for hubby’s birthday coming up this weekend and it’s my first project from the book so I really appreciate that someone has gone before me.

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  6. I used parchment for the liquid cheesecake, because my gut was telling me 300 degrees sounded too hot for plastic wrap. But scraping the results off the parchment folds is anything but elegant. 🙂
    I bought my aluminum 1/4 sheet pan from a restaurant supply store and it has become indispensable for all cake and cookie making. The 1″ lip is the perfect height for this cake, and combined with a cut-to-fit nonstick baking liner, my fear of breakage is a thing of the past.

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