Recipe Review: Grilled Chicken with Pancetta, Sicilian Breadcrumbs, Ricotta Pudding

Suzanne Goin, the executive chef at Luques in Los Angeles, is one of my favorite chefs.  Her sophisticated dishes have multiple layers of flavors and textures.  This recipe is from the Luques cookbook that I use quite often.  This recipe has a couple of sub-recipes, including Sicilian breadcrumbs – toasted breadcrumbs with shallots, parsley, toasted pine nuts, currants, and balsamic vinegar – and a ricotta pudding made with ricotta, milk, heavy cream, and eggs that is baked in a water bath in the oven.  However, once everything is in place, the final assembly is easy – grill the chicken, saute shallots, pancetta, spinach, rosemary, and chile, top with the Sicilian breadcrumbs and serve with the ricotta pudding.  The book calls for grilling quail on a barbecue, but I used skin-on, de-boned chicken leg/thighs in a grill pan.  A really delicious dish.

Link to recipe here.

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