Recipe Review: Bulgogi Sliders

This recipe from the New York Times Magazine is a little complicated, with four sub-recipes that on their own are fairly doable.  Bulgogi is a sweet, salty Korean marinated beef that is used in Korean barbecue but here makes delicious sliders.  The bulgogi marinade is the most difficult, requiring a food processor or blender to pulverize an Asian pear and several ingredients that can be found at Asian supermarkets.  It makes about three cups of marinade, which is enough for two pounds of beef brisket.  The recipe requires a little advance planning, because the meat needs to marinate for six hours to overnight.  The other components are a spicy soy dressing for the scallion salsa that goes on top of the bulgogi, a spicy mayonnaise made with sriracha hot sauce, and cucumber kimchi.  Like the article mentions, high heat is essential when frying the bulgogi to get a little char.  I liked the extra step of buttering and toasting the buns to make the bun a little crispy.  Overall lots of bold flavors and definitely worth doing, especially for a get-together like a football game.  I served it with a Korean potato salad that was just OK (I would skip the potato salad next time and try to make another side dish).

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